Z463-18: Maintenance of electrical systems

by Sep 25, 2019Electrical Safety

The CSA Z463 went from a guideline on maintenance of electrical systems to a standard on maintenance of electrical systems in 2018.

The purpose of this standard is to facilitate the reliable and cost-effective performance of electrical systems by developing risk assessment techniques and maintenance programs.

Its main objective is to ensure the safety of the workers and the public, and as a secondary objective, protect the equipment and the environment, and prevent equipment damage and material losses.

This standard is suitable for all organizations of all sizes and sectors to use to optimize their electrical systems’ maintenance programs and to ease the integration of other programs and systems.

However, the Z463-18 doesn’t cover telecommunication networks, power generation networks, power transmission networks and power distribution networks.

The equipment maintenance is required and is recommended in the SCA Z462 “Workplace Electrical Safety Standard”, to prevent and reduce the risk of arc flash accidents. To know more about the different means of maintenance, you can check our blog on the les moyen d’entretien des installations électriques.

You can also check the blag on le programme de sécurité électrique (PSE) to know how to work safely.

If you need help in the electrical systems’ maintenance program, our team will be happy to answer your questions and guide you in your approach.

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