Why Complete Training to Work in Confined Spaces?

by Jan 5, 2021Confined spaces

When confined space work accidents occur, the vast majority of investigations and analyzes of these accidents identify as the main cause that workers were unaware that they were in confined spaces.

Employers have an obligation, among other things, to ensure that its workers have received training enabling them to recognize the risks that may be present in their workplaces before allowing any work in confined spaces.

Confined space training is required by standard CSA Z1006-16 as well as the Quebec legislation. Workers who receive training to work in confined spaces develop the skills that will allow them to do so safely by applying work instructions and rescue plans developed by their employers.

Here are some of the skills that you need before working in a confined space:

  • Be able to recognize which equipment and places correspond with confined spaces.
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of workers and employers in relation to the management of work in confined spaces.
  • Know how to recognize the various hazards that may be present in confined spaces or that may develop depending on the tasks that will be performed (biological or atmospheric hazards, hazards related to hazardous energies, burial, drowning, falling, etc.)
  • Be able to use gas detectors and personal and collective protective equipment.
  • Understand and apply rescue plans to ensure they will be effective in a dangerous situation.

If you need to train your workers, contact us. We are glad to help you in your process to improve safety in your company.

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