Updated Confined Spaces Regulations Canada

by Jan 5, 2024Confined Spaces

The Regulations Amending the Canada Occupational Health and Safety Regulations (COHSR) were adopted on October 21, 2021. They modernize the regulations governing work in enclosed or confined spaces for companies under federal jurisdiction. This modernization clarifies the definition and identification of a confined space, risk assessment, and the obligations and measures to be taken when working in a confined space.

The main change concerns the very identification of an enclosed space. The new regulations differentiate between two categories of confined space. On the one hand, a confined space is any space that is completely or partially enclosed, not designed for human occupancy, and to which access is restricted for operations or evacuation. On the other hand, a hazardous confined space, which by virtue of its design, location, atmosphere, contents or otherwise, may present immediately dangerous or lethal risks to the person entering it during entry, exit or while performing a task inside.

On the other hand, the modernization of federal regulations brings greater precision to the preparation of enclosed or confined-space tech sheets or files, signage, equipment to be used during operations and evacuation, emergency measures, surveillance and atmospheric conditions.

Since the new regulations came into force, hot work performed in a hazardous confined space is subject to mandatory atmospheric conditions. The regulations require employers to ensure that no hot work can be performed in a confined hazardous space that contains, as the case may be:

a) an explosive or flammable hazardous substance in a concentration exceeding 10% of its lower explosive limit;

b) oxygen at a concentration of over 23%.





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