Machine Safety: Risk Analysis and Reduction

How to apply the principles of risk analysis and ensure proper machine safety?

Objectives of the Training

This machine safety (also called machine guarding or safeguarding) training course aims to equip its participants so that they can begin or continue securing machines in their company. The training also allows participants to understand the importance of machine safety and the principles of risk estimation and analysis, to understand the legislation, regulations and standards relating to guards and the hierarchy of risk controls and means of reduction, and to know the standards for safety control systems and understand the process of designing such systems.


This training is intended for those responsible for the process of improving equipment safety (engineers, supervisors, maintenance and/or health and safety coordinators), members of the machine safety program implementation committee.


This training is 7 hours long.

Alternative Options

Intervention Prévention inc. offers several other machine safety training courses, including: An introductory machine safety training course for workers who must be informed of the various hazards associated with machines without being responsible for securing them; A training course on guards and complementary protective measures focuses on the different types of guards and their design criteria; and, A training course on safety-related parts of control systems (ISO 13849).

A training course on the various safety guards is available online.

Training plan

  • Applicable regulations and standards
  • Main causes of machine-related accidents
  • Different types of accidents and the accident process
  • Basics of risk estimation and analysis
  • Different means of protection
  • Intrinsic prevention
  • Information procedure methods and PPE
  • Decision-making criteria
  • Design principles for fixed guards
  • Required and actual performance levels of safety systems
  • Different elements of the calculation of the performance level (PL)
  • Validation of safety-related parts of control systems

If you have a specific request for customization, we offer a consulting and training development service.

This training course is worth 0.7 continuing education unit (CEU)

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“Really interesting, experienced trainer, gives concrete and adapted examples, thank you! "

"Very good training, good communication facilitating understanding"

"The course will be very useful for my work, allowed me to understand several outstanding points"

“Very good trainer and very good training session, really I recommend it”

“Very interesting training and adapted to what we find at our plant, well prepared, thank you! »

“Excellent trainer, very knowledgeable and well prepared, good application of the material. I recommend it! »

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