Coexistence of Mobile Equipment and Pedestrians

Objectives of the training

This training course on the safe coexistence of mobile equipment and pedestrians aims to enable its participants to recognize unnecessary intersections and situations of coexistence, to understand traffic flow, to respect the applicable regulations and standards, to use the risk reduction means related to the coexistence of mobile equipment, e.g., trucks and forklifts, and pedestrians and to know and apply proper safety practices and measures in situations of coexistence.


This training is intended for all workers who move around the factory where there is coexistence between mobile equipment, e.g., tricks and forklifts, and pedestrians.


This training is 4 hours long.

Training Plan

  • Accident statistics
  • Applicable regulations and standards
  • Traffic flow
  • Factory facilities planning
  • Unnecessary intersection
  • Unnecessary situations of coexistence
  • Circulation plans

This training course is worth 0.4 continuing education unit (CEU)

What our customers say

“Really interesting, experienced trainer, gives concrete and adapted examples, thank you! "

"Very good training, good communication facilitating understanding"

"The course will be very useful for my work, allowed me to understand several outstanding points"

“Very good trainer and very good training session, really I recommend it”

“Very interesting training and adapted to what we find at our plant, well prepared, thank you! »

“Excellent trainer, very knowledgeable and well prepared, good application of the material. I recommend it! »

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