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Knowing how to adapt to the needs of clients, Intervention Prévention inc. offers a multitude of training related to the various aspects of workplace safety, whether in-person, synchronous virtual, online or public. Approved by Emploi-Québec and accredited by SOFEDUC, our competent trainers paired with training courses always up-to-date with changes brought to legislation, regulation and standards guarantee the success of the courses and the satisfaction of our customers!

WARNING: Live Work

How to effectively apply electrical safety requirements?


This electrical safety training course (often called “arc flash training”), in accordance with CSA Z462-24 and NFPA 70E 2024, allows the participant to understand Canadian and American requirements and to know how to apply them properly to work safely.



When to apply lockout/tagout and when can the safety-dedicated control systems be used?

This lockout/tagout training course, in compliance with the 2020 update of standard CSA Z460 and the 2016 change brought to the regulation, aims to equip its participants so that they are able to apply lockout/tagout procedures, and to know how to react appropriately in particular situations. The training also covers alternatives to lockout/tagout (zero energy system), i.e., energy control methods based on machine safety principles, and when these methods can be used. The training allows participants to develop and apply an appropriate lockout/tagout process.


Confined Spaces

How to recognize a confined space and apply preventive measures?


To make known the regulatory requirements for working in confined spaces, the risks associated with confined spaces (atmospheric, physical, biological), means of prevention and protective equipment, the use and maintenance of gas detection devices, confined space rescue, confined space atmospheric assessment and risk analysis prior to work.


Machine Safety: Risk Analysis and Reduction

How to apply the principles of risk analysis and ensure proper machine safety?


This machine safety (also called machine guarding or safeguarding) training course aims to equip its participants so that they can begin or continue securing machines in their company. The training also allows participants to understand the importance of machine safety and the principles of risk estimation and analysis, to understand the legislation, regulations and standards relating to guards and the hierarchy of risk controls and means of reduction, and to know the standards for safety control systems and understand the process of designing such systems.


Work at Height

The purpose of this training is to raise awareness of the regulations, accidents related to working at height, equipment for working at height, checking equipment, the risks associated with working at height and the design of anchor points. This training is for anyone working at height.


Introduction to Electrical Safety

This introductory electrical safety training course aims to introduce all workers to the hazards associated with electricity.This training allows participants to recognize hazardous situations, to understand the applicable regulations and standards and the means of risk reduction related to electricity, and to understand proper safety practices and measures for working on both live and de-energized electrical equipment.


Fire and Explosion Prevention

Following this training, the participant will be able to know and apply the standards and regulations in force, understand the risks and dangers associated with hot work, the preventive measures to be taken, the identification of hazardous materials, the equipment to use and the responsibilities of those involved.


Introduction to Machine Safety

This introductory machine safety training course aims to allow its participants to understand the machine risk management approach and the hierarchy of risk controls and means of reduction, to have a global understanding of machine safety and the hierarchy of applicable solutions, and to know the basic concepts required for the identification of the risks presented by machines and appropriate preventive measures.


Industrial Security

Passing through 8 modules, selectable to measure, this complete training in industrial safety will allow you to understand the risks of machines, confined spaces, work at height, electrical risks, prevention of fires and explosions, lockout and lockout of equipment. vehicles and the carriage / pedestrian cohabitation.


Machine Safety: Are Your Machines Compliant?

This machine safety training course aims to able its participants to fulfill their due diligence duties, to determine the sections of the legislation and regulations, respectively the LSST and the RSST, applicable to their situations, to determine the Canadian and international standards applicable to their situations, e.g., CSA Z432, CSA Z434, ISO 12100 and ISO 13857, to understand the applicable sections of the legislation, regulations and standards, to check for the conformity of machines, and to choose appropriate protective measures.


Safety-Related Parts of Control Systems (SRP/CS) (ISO 13849)

This training course on safety-related parts of control systems (SRP/CS) aims to enable its participants to use risks analysis tools, to carry out machine securing processes, to understand the contribution made by SRP/CS to the reduction of risk, to apply the SRP/CS design process, and to be familiar with the SISTEMA tool.



Our team of qualified instructors travels to your premises to provide dynamic training filled with learning activities that require the constant participation of learners.

Synchronous Virtual Training

One of our qualified instructors offers the training remotely through a chosen communication platform, assuring the usual dynamism of our courses. Learners can take the training at the location of their choice and will take the exam entirely digitally.

Online Training

With the variety of asynchronous training courses available on our online training site, it is possible for learners to take their training courses at any time and from any place, and have an efficient yet dynamic experience. The training course can even be put on hold so you can freely fulfill other duties.

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