The Importance of a Diversified Offer

by Mar 26, 2024General

You may have noticed that Intervention Prévention has recently adopted a marketing strategy based on diversification. Indeed, over the past few years, we have been on the lookout for new product and service opportunities that the company could offer, and we have adjusted to them.

We opted for this type of strategy because, as our corporate mission states, we want to make health and safety a priority in the workplace while maintaining a healthy balance between health, safety, maintenance, and productivity. To achieve this, we must adapt to our different clients and their different backgrounds and fields by adjusting our services to meet their expectations.

Let us consider a hypothetical situation that demonstrates the value of offering several types of services for the same need:

A company wants to implement lockout/tagout, and it is starting from scratch? We can help it in many ways. We can develop, write, and implement the lockout program and the related procedures. We can also identify the different energy sources and validate the lockout procedures.

However, it has a limited budget, and thus want to do some of it itself. No problem, we will adjust. We can chaperone it so it is self-reliant, audit the program that it will have written itself or simply train its employees on the programs and procedures it has developed internally.

Its employees are not available to attend a 4-hour in-class training course? No problem, we offer shorter training courses online that still provide participants with a certificate of competence. If it wants to customize the training with its procedures and images, we also offer a multimedia design service and an online training platform to host its training.

In the situation above, we can witness the importance of offering several options for the same request; notwithstanding the client’s needs and the limits imposed on its request (budgetary, temporal, etc.), the latter can be fulfilled because of the many possibilities available to it.

Moreover, there is the aspect of opportunity; when a service provider does business with another company, a diversified offer means that it can get more out of this partnership. This varied service offering is beneficial for both parties; it increases the profits of the service provider and simplifies the search for a solution of the client, saving it both time and money.

Next, let us elaborate on the situation laid out previously to demonstrate the advantage of offering complementary and varied services.

Once we have completed the lockout mandate and all employees have been trained, the company wants to carry out a similar mandate, however, regarding electrical safety. Fortunately, this is a service that we offer as well.

With that, the client is spared a new search for a service provider and the corresponding process that follows, i.e., request for quote, first meeting, approval, account opening, etc.

In summary, Intervention Prévention believes that offering a variety of complementary services and products, and providing customized services ensures that clients and partners are satisfied regardless of their needs and limits that they set and is mutually beneficial.

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