The Consulting Profession

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A job should not be a simple routine to follow day after day; it should be a tool for self-actualization. In this respect, it should allow you, e.g., to learn, develop and explore new settings, all of which contribute to your growth. Because it incorporates all these elements, the consulting profession is a dream job for those who wish to take on new challenges and who seek more than just job satisfaction.

To be a consultant is above all to try to solve the problems encountered by the client and to prevent their recurrence. The varied nature of clients and projects sees the consultant develop knowledge on many aspects of the industry and allows them to apply it judiciously according to the realities of the situations they face.

When looking for solutions, it is essential that the consultant shows a good work ethic and that he understands the importance of sustainable development, i.e., that the decisions and recommendations are taken in the best interests of both the client and society, and not with the aim of increasing the consulting project’s profitability.

As mentioned above, being a consultant means navigating through many different fields and environments; e.g., the agri-food sector, the mining industry, the forest industry, the public and government sectors, etc.; and learning to assimilate the particularities of each. Thus, the profession allows for the development of one’s management of change and unparalleled adaptability.

The diversity of topics that can be explored as a consultant is unmatched. If one feels that they have mastered a subject and are becoming tired of it: they can focus their attention on another and continue to expand their knowledge. As a company, a consulting firm like ours can afford to be flexible, and thus, adapt to the wishes of its employees and explore new avenues with them according to their interests. This ensures that projects are always varied and stimulating, avoiding getting bogged down in routine.

One of our team members often says that a single year of consulting is the equivalent of ten years working the same factory, conveying the steepness of the learning curve of the job.

It is true that the consulting profession is not for everyone: you need to have interpersonal skills, passion, and the desire to learn and develop. On the other hand, it is the ideal job for those who wish to avoid monotonous office work.

In summary, a consultant’s job consists of promoting sustainable development and maintaining an exemplary work ethic that puts people first.

When working with and for Intervention Prévention, since they are not paid directly by the client, consultants are allowed to make their assessments independently, avoiding any pressure and influence that they might put on them. This job offers many opportunities to travel and enjoy the benefits that come with it. Beyond the new environments, the different workplaces you will visit allow you to discover and analyze new processes, tools, equipment, and technologies.

As a consultant working for Intervention Prévention, you get the chance to travel to different regions of Quebec and even, on occasion, outside of Quebec. While traveling for work, but also outside of your work hours, you are free to discover the region you are in… Whether by going for the best coffee around, hiking through the most beautiful parks in the area or eating at a renowned restaurant!

Being a consultant with us is certainly not a solitary job: it is a team effort that utilises, to its advantage and to the client’s advantage, the variety of expertise of each person to ensure the satisfaction of all. Join our multidisciplinary team to broaden your knowledge and expertise in industrial safety!

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