The Benefits of Online Training Courses

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As you may have observed, there is a current trend in Quebec, as well as, in other parts of the world in distance learning. In fact, the Canadian Digital Learning Research Association (CDLRA) concluded that 1.36 million registrations for online courses were credited in 2016-2017 in universities and CEGEPs. The trend also applies in the field of continuing education.

Why are online training courses so popular? What are the main advantages of the latter?

  • Time and personnel management: Time is often an issue when organizing a training course for our employees or even for ourselves. “Am I going to have to free up 12 workers at the same time for this training?” “If 5 night workers have to take this training, will they have to stay at the end of their shifts to complete it?” Online training addresses these concerns as it can be taken at any time of the day and one person at a time. It is therefore possible to offer training to an unlimited number of employees as quickly as they are able to complete it, even if the employees are in different establishments or departments.
  • Cost: It is common knowledge that in-company training comes with expenses related to travel, accommodation, the instructor’s salary, the training room that must be provided and others. Online training, on the other hand, has none of these costs and is therefore much more profitable for a business.
  • Various learning methods: Online training is often made up of several different training methods: text, images, videos, animations, testimonials, interactive quizzes and more. This allows learners to assimilate the information in various ways.
  • Accessible instantly: With online training, there is no more waiting. You need a question answered immediately or have an employee ready to take a training course at right now? Proceed to registration and in a few minutes, the training begins. Additionally, the results are received immediately, which allows for quick feedback on less successful questions.
  • Environment and adaptability: What better way to learn than to be in the comfort of your own desk and to be able to put a training on “pause” to go and make a good cup of coffee? This is one of the benefits of online training. It is also possible to follow the training on a computer, cellphone, or electronic tablet. All that is needed is a good internet connection and the set-up is complete. If an emergency arises in the office during the training, simply stop and resume on a following day.

This is why, among other things, that Intervention Prevention has increased its number of online training courses in recent months. Indeed, the company now offers 7 training courses in English:

  • WHMIS 2015
  • Hot Work
  • Work at Height: General
  • Demystifying Confined Spaces and Their Risks
  • PPE Against Arcs and Electric Shocks
  • Lockout of Mobile Equipment
  • Lockout and Control of Hazardous Energy

More training courses are coming.

There are obviously some disadvantages to online training and advantages to in-person training, these will be explored in another blog.

For any questions or requests about our online training courses, do not hesitate to contact our team.



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