Steps to Follow When Preparing Work at Height

by Jan 5, 2021Work at heights

In almost all workplaces, there are tasks that require work at height. In order to be well prepared to carry them out, there are steps to follow that increase the effectiveness of fall management and eliminate or reduce the risk of falls.

The first step for a proper preparation is to list the places and tasks that will require work at height. It is advisable to involve employees from multiple departments of the company so as not to forget any.

Once this step is completed, consider if there are ways to perform to tasks without having to go up. Sometimes, it is possible to lower certain equipment to the ground so that the task no longer requires being at height.

If there is an engineering team within the company, they can plan to modify certain equipment to eliminate the danger of falling at its source.

If it is not possible to eliminate working at heights, the employer should always prioritize safe access, such as lifting platforms or scaffoldings, before allowing the use of ladders or stepladders.

Then, you must plan to purchase personal protective equipment, such as safety harnesses and lanyards with energy absorbers. If this option is considered, it is necessary to provide fixed or removable anchor points and to calculate the safe fall distance.

The risk analysis related to work at height must be done before the start of the task. It is recommended to use a work at height permit. For every job done at height, a rescue plan is needed. A worker who falls with a safety harness must be able to be rescued within 15 minutes to reduce the risk of health complications, such as blood clots.

This entire prevention process must be written down and verified by a person who is knowledgeable and skilled in work at height safety.

Workers who will perform work at height must follow specific training in order, among other things, to identify the risks, use the equipment properly and know the safest work methods to adopt.

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