Security is an ecological step!

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Security is also a good quality of services, of the machinery or of the products. In this way, the parent enterprise gives respect to the production area configurations, the nature of the inputs in the industry and its operators that could be called: industrial ecosystem.

Various sources of risks from affected but connected factors

The environmental system has 9 interacting factors in which human and health factors are the basic components of safety. Regardless environment or safety, the issues are diversified and depend on the factors affected. However, various sources of risks, aggravating or emerging factors are also to be considered even if they could to make the assessment even more complex.

This blog aims to show that safety is a part of environment in terms of disciplines where risks are assessed due to various unfavourable factors, but related with human (social) and health conditions. Their management, as individual in most of cases, is complementary in their implementation (Griffith, 2002). This observation enlightens the substantial difference in these two theoretical frameworks.

Indeed, overall, it’s necessary to consider all the factors affected by (or which could affect) the elements  with the parameters to preserve in first place. Next, the notion of anticipation being unconditional for the prevention takes all the space.

Anticipate the risks with legislation : the achievement !

It’s important to observe, measure and evaluate the risks with respect to all interrelated parameters or not. Then, the identified risks are mapped and the corresponding measures are also put in place to avoid the occurrence of dangerous situations.

It’s known that environmental legislation as well as safety legislation contains the obligation to avoid or reduce hazards at the source (federal and provincial, see Table 1).  Following this priority application leads to elimination of hazards or many risk minimisation, structural mitigation measures, use of protective measures (e.g. PPE) and to constructive recommendation on residual risks. The technical details concerning the implementation of these requirements are described in various standards, regulations and law the principle remains the same.

Table 1. Federal and provincial laws in environment management and Health and Safety

Environmental legislation Occupational legislation
Canadian Environmental Protection Act Canadian Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Act
Canadian Environmental Assessment Act Act respecting Occupational Health and Safety
Q-2 – Environment quality act Regulation respecting Occupational Health and Safety


Risk reduction

In both cases, the risk performance is evaluated on the level of hazards and unsafe states of the affected factors. It could be injuries, death, illness, contamination or money losses for safety or, injuries, illness, natural disasters, dam failures, accidents, explosion, contamination, endangered species and so on in environment case. Therefore, by assessing occupational health and safety in the industry the managers are also taking good actions with high measures combinations to reduce impacts of the risk factors predetermined.

Based on this above, any industrial environment evaluation is obtained with the machines risky assessment, operators’ safety and the all other factors which are affected too. We mean : air, finance, water, geomorphology of the area concerned, soil, wildlife and flora.


With legislation and social pressures more demanding and able to mortgage the economic survival of industries, organizations must balance their profitability to social, safety and management of associated environmental issues (S. Lagnika, 2019 ; Zeng et al., 2010). These later are key elements for sucessful organizations with a healthy safety management system.

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