Technology and Processing

Involved for several years in these sectors, we are now a leader in safety methods for the field of electrical safety (building and bench testing), machine safety (machine tools or processing equipment) and lockout. For bench tests, we have defined electrical safety rules for interventions involving testing and checks during the manufacture of electrical equipment (transformers, electrical panels and control panels, disconnect-switches). For manufacturing equipment, especially machine tools, we have validated, modified and certified several types of equipments in this sector. Moreover, we have also had the privilege of working in the aerospace, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.

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Intervention Prévention Inc.

Intervention Prévention concentrates its operations in the field of work safety, offering specialized services following Standards CSA Z462 – Workplace Electrical Safety, CSA Z460 – Control of Hazardous Energy: Lock-out and Other Methods, and CSA Z432 – Safeguarding of Machinery.


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