Construction and Mobile Machinery

In this sector, we contributed to the creation and drafting of the first versions of the CMEQ / ASP Construction’s  “Travailler hors tension” document (tr. Working Without Power) and we have given over 1,000 electrical safety training sessions to construction workers. We have also been involved in the new volume of “Santé sécurité générale sur les chantiers de construction” (tr. General Health and Safety on construction sites) in redacting the sections on electrical safety and lockout. With regard to heavy machinery, we have implemented lockout procedures for customers throughout eastern Canada and trained them on good practices and lockout implementation. As for machine safety, we have certified a lot of processing equipment in order to make them safe for workers.

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Intervention Prévention Inc.

Intervention Prévention concentrates its operations in the field of work safety, offering specialized services following Standards CSA Z462 – Workplace Electrical Safety, CSA Z460 – Control of Hazardous Energy: Lock-out and Other Methods, and CSA Z432 – Safeguarding of Machinery.


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