Sécurité Industrielle


Passing through 8 modules, selectable to measure, this complete training in industrial safety will allow you to understand the risks of machines, confined spaces, work at height, electrical risks, prevention of fires and explosions, lockout and lockout of equipment. vehicles and the carriage / pedestrian cohabitation.


For all engineers, supervisors, maintenance and / or health and safety coordinators, committee members and anyone working in the industrial sector.


  • Machine safety (Corrective measures, calculation of safety guards, management of priorities, etc.)
  • Confined spaces (The risks of confined spaces, means of prevention and equipment, gas detection devices, etc.)
  • Work at height (equipment and their verification, design of anchor points, etc.)
  • Electrical risks (Qualifications, equipment and their verification, work with power off and under power, calculation methods, PPE, etc.)
  • Fire and explosion prevention (PPE for hot work, legal requirements, hot work permit, etc.)
  • Lockout and lockout of mobile equipment (Dangerous energies to be controlled, basic rules of lockout, the program for controlling dangerous energies, etc.)
  • The cohabitation of forklifts and pedestrians


Up to 3 days depending on the selected modules

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