DANGER: Static electricity and Hot work


Understand the principles of generation and accumulation of static electricity and be able to dissipate the charge. Understand the risk and danger of hot work and know the prevention measures


For all electricians, mechanics and maintenance personnel who work on energized equipment and circuits and do hot work.


  • The definitions
  • Regulations and standards
  • The dangers and impacts
  • The principles of static electricity generation
  • The accumulation and dissipation of charges
  • The discharge of static electricity and the mechanisms of ignition
  • The hybrid atmosphere
  • The analysis methodology for the prevention of fire and explosion risk
  • Prevention measures relating to the production and accumulation of charges
  • Categorization of factories
  • Fire prevention
  • Hazardous materials and WHMIS
  • Hot work permit
  • Maintenance of factories
  • Hot work equipment
  • Responsibilities

Continuing education unit = 0.4 CEU


The training lasts 4 hours.

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