NFPA 70B: Recommended Practice for Electrical Equipment Maintenance

by Oct 23, 2019Electrical Safety

The NFPA 70B is a recommendation of the National Fire Protection Association which addresses, as its name indicates, the maintenance of electrical equipment. It explains in detail the preventive maintenance of electrical, electronic and telecommunication systems and equipment, such as those used in factories, industrial and commercial buildings and large residential complexes, to prevent equipment failure and worker injury.

In addition to reducing risk of equipment failure, the recommendation also emphasizes many other benefits, such as increasing the lifespan of equipment and reducing breakdowns.

Much of the document aims to provide a better understanding of the benefits of a well-managed and effective preventive maintenance program. The document also provides guidance for developing these programs in a way that’s compatible with their NFPA 70E “standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace”

Although the NFPA 70B is just a recommendation and only works when companies follow it. It is in the client’s interest to take the time to integrate it well to maximize the chances of uninterrupted operation.

To know more about the various means of maintenance, you can consult our blog on the means of maintenance for electrical installation.

You can also check the blog on the electrical safety program (ESP) to know how to work safely.

If you need any help with the best electrical equipment’s maintenance program, our team will be happy to answer all your questions.


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