Industrial safety: An important element of sustainable development

by Jan 13, 2021Environment, Others

The promising new trend in safety, in my opinion, is the integration of safety in the context of sustainable development.

The social context is important in the notion of sustainable development. For example, a machine that is better designed, adapted to the worker, safe and environmentally friendly has a direct impact on working conditions and employee motivation.

Another concept of sustainable development is Eco design, which helps prevent negative environmental impacts on the life cycle of a machine. In order to integrate safety into Eco design, you have to take people into account in the design of equipment. For example, was it a good idea to replace ammonia with other types of cooling gases like R22? Ammonia is certainly more dangerous for humans but better for the environment. CO2 is also an alternative, but it requires systems to operate at high pressures. However, CO2 is less damaging to humans and the environment.

By looking further into the design of a machine, it is possible to consider the process, chemicals, and human impacts (ergonomics, human interaction with the machine, human factors), which then causes it to need fewer changes during its life cycle. It is important to build a machine so that its life is long and so that it is reusable at the end of its life cycle.

In terms of eco-responsibility, it is possible to design a machine so that it is adaptable during its life cycle. The equipment could be designed to allow it to evolve without having to be completely replaced. Currently, there is the example of robots which are used that evolve according to production with improvements that can be made at the software level. The same robot can be used for multiple processes. Robotics, which is part of the 4.0 Industry can also be easily adaptable. If we add safety to this, then we have a collaborative and adaptable robot.

In 2021, I pledge to demonstrate the important relationship between sustainable development and industrial safety.

In conclusion, I am proud of what my team has accomplished in 2020; proud of their ability to adapt and of their devotion in the difficult context brought forth by COVID-19. I would also like to thank our customers and clients who were able to adapt to the new realities of today and who have continued to trust us all throughout. Despite the current situation, 2020 has enabled Intervention Prévention to consolidate its achievements and develop a multitude of new services. We therefore wish, for 2021, to continue this momentum!

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