The WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) protects the health and safety of workers. It is important for employers and employees to respect it. In order to make this work safe, Intervention Prévention Inc. offers its expertise in the elaboration and implementation of workplace hazardous material management programs, safe work procedures when using and manipulating these materials, registers of hazardous materials present in the workplace and training adapted to the needs of its clients.

All these services are based on and respect WHMIS 2015

03Multiple trainings

Many specific training sessions related to WHMIS 2015 and related to first aid in case of contact with a hazardous material.

03Management adapted as a whole

Elaboration and implementation of hazardous material management programs tailored to the materials used in our client’s workplaces.

03Register and labelling

Stocktaking and labelling product present in the workplace, as well as their quantities.


We bring our expertise and our years of experience in these different sectors.

Wood and its transformation

In a sector with a very high risk of accidents, our solutions are focused on the safety of workers, without neglecting production capacity.

Mining, Metals and Processing

With particular physical environments and equipment, our expertise adapts to the environment and the particularities of the sector in order to offer solutions tailored and adapted to the realities of the customer.


With its unique sanitation requirements and highly regulated work environment, our services adapt to the laws and regulations of this sector while offering efficient and easily implantable solutions.

Real estate, Education and Government

For these service companies, our proposed solutions take the human factor into account to ensure safety and reliability.

Construction and Mobile Machinery

With the ever-changing laws in this area, our services are always updated to comply with the laws and regulations in effect.

Technology and energy

In a high-risk sector and state-of-the-art technology, our expertise allows us to meet the specific and specialized characteristics of this field.

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Intervention Prévention Inc.

Intervention Prévention concentrates its operations in the field of work safety, offering specialized services following Standards CSA Z462 – Workplace Electrical Safety, CSA Z460 – Control of Hazardous Energy: Lock-out and Other Methods, and CSA Z432 – Safeguarding of Machinery.


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