Fire and explosion prevention

During works in industrial environments, it often happens that these works create fire and explosion risks due to the dust, gases, vapors and sparks that are emitted by these works. For this reason, it is crucial that fire and explosion risks be prevented to ensure the safety of the factory and its employees. To make these works safe, Intervention Prévention Inc. offers its expertise in the elaboration of a prevention program, consultation, research, audits and trainings adapted to the needs of our clients.

All these services respect applicable regulations and standards.

Elaboration and implementation of a fire and explosion prevention program in accordance with applicable regulations and standards

Safety training related to fire and explosions and recommendations adapted to your needs

Description of the hot work, the required PPE and the hot work permit

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Intervention Prévention Inc.

Intervention Prévention concentrates its operations in the field of work safety, offering specialized services following Standards CSA Z462 – Workplace Electrical Safety, CSA Z460 – Control of Hazardous Energy: Lock-out and Other Methods, and CSA Z432 – Safeguarding of Machinery.


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