Machine safety: Changes in the 2016 version of CSA Z432 standard

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Machine safety: Changes in the 2016 version of CSA Z432 standard


After the 1994 and 2004 versions, the latest edition of the CSA Z432 standard-Safeguarding of machinery has been published in 2016. Several changes and updates were made to this version. In this blog, the major changes will be discussed.

Major changes to the latest edition of CSA Z432 standard could be summarized under 4 topics:

  • The standard has been updated to harmonize with the latest ISO and IEC standards

In general, the number of reference publications increased from 34 (2004) to 88 for the 2016 version, which clearly improved the applicability of this standard to various sectors and situations.

Increasing the number of reference publications is even more noticeable for the ISO standards (International Organization for Standardization) (from 7 to 27) and IEC standards (International Electrotechnical Commission) (from 4 to 11), which allows a better compatibility with the latest international standards.

  • Additional Annex material has been added to provide additional guidance and information for users

The annexes, which represent a very important part of the standard either for the concretization of some concepts or requirements or to guide the user to deal with a particular problem, increased from 4 in the 2004 version to 9 in the 2016 version.

The changes didn’t affect the number of annexes only, but also their contents, because a largest number of annexes allows a better concentration of contents. For instance, in the version 2004 , the annex A  has been devoted to hazards, controls and interlocks while in the 2016 version, the annex A focuses only on the hazards identification. Safeguarding and other hazards control measures are addressed in the Annexes C and D.

The human factor has also gained importance  in the annexes of this edition, especially the  annex G about motivations of defeating safeguards.

  • Clause 5 on risk assessment has been significantly expanded, harmonized with CAN/CSA-Z1002

The assessment and risk reduction, were addressed in a single clause (clause 5) of the 2004 standard version. In the new edition, the clause 5 is devoted only to the risk assessment, which led to improve the risk assessment part. This  improvement is mainly based on a harmonization with the CSA Z1002 standard about the identification and elimination of hazards and risk assessment and control that is part of the CSA Z1000 series standards on occupational health and safety management, which makes the implementation of the risk assessment process in the organization’s OSH management system simpler and easier.

  • Allowable minimum distances have been changed to allow for the use of CAN/CSA-ISO 1385

Finally, with the adoption without modifications of the ISO 13850 standard in 2015, the latest version of the CSA Z432 standard makes possible to use the requirements of ISO 13850 standard to determine the minimum safety distances to prevent hazard zones being reached by upper and lower limbs.

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