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The 5 main steps to take control of your confined spaces

Knowing that the majority of workers are unaware that they are in a confined space, the first step to perform for the management of work in, is to count and identify them. CSA Z1006-16 specifies that confined spaces must be identified by signs or posters installed at each exterior entry point with the following indications recommended.

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Analysis of electric shock which could have been avoided

According to Tucker and Keefe (2019) of the University of Regina, the annual percentage of non-fatal accidents in Quebec between 2010 and 2017 remained relatively constant (slightly less than 2%). The rate of fatal accidents fell slightly during the same period, from 2.6 to 1.6 (per 100 000). For example, with regard to accidents related to electricity, in 2018 this represented 164 cases and 161 in 2017, a little more than 2 per day on average (CNESST, 2019).

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Safe use of forklifts

In an SME or a multinational with thousands of employees, it is difficult not to see at least one forklift circulating. The inevitable situations of pedestrian-forklift cohabitation generate an increased risk of collision with damage, often serious for pedestrians, not to mention collision situations between forklift trucks which are costly both in terms of human and material costs.

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Exposure to infectious and crystalline respirable agents : Take measures or following-up option?

No Workplace is immune from biological hazards. Employees in different types of work may be intentionally or accidentally exposed to biological agents (Haagsma et al. 2012). These include parasites, viruses, bacteria, fungi and protein. They can appear and disappear due to a variety of factors (J. F. Shroder and Ramesh Sivanpillai, 2015), so it is important for workers to be prepared for.

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